Top Tips: Using free WiFi to drive your hospitality business

Make free Wi-Fi work for your business

Demand for free wireless networks is no longer restricted to coffee shops and public libraries, in fact modern consumers are increasingly expecting Wi-Fi to be available almost everywhere they go; from their gym to their garden centre.

In spring 2013, a whole 27-mile stretch of the River Thames is set to have free Wi-Fi access made available for river commuters and in open spaces, with around 100 wireless hotspots being created.

Bradford and Leeds Councils have now launched free Wi-Fi across their City Parks in a project with Virgin Media Business and Global Reach Technology.

So how can you make it work better for your business?

Generate a new revenue stream

Providing consumers free Wi-Fi doesn’t have to cost you money. Why not consider offering consumers a free basic usage package but charging them for additional needs.

Providing Wi-Fi in high-use areas, such as in hotels, hostels and motorway service stations can often mean the user experience varies depending on how many people are accessing it at once and what they are using it for.

Scale your Wi-Fi

By setting up a scalable service and charging for premium users who might need file sharing or live streaming, you ensure a much more consistent service for each user and its fair, they more they use, the more they pay.

Get them online

Encourage your customers to get online and engage through promotions and discounts. Everyone has a mobile, so engage with them properly on it and market straight to them.

Reassure consumers over data security

More and more people own some kind of Wi-Fi enabled device but many people are still uncertain about security, particularly when it comes to payments. Take the time to educate your customers on just how safe wireless networks really are.

Surprise your customers

In many sectors, wireless connectivity is almost expected as an industry standard. People increasingly expect to see some kind of network access for wireless devices and the scope of business areas where it is expected as standard is increasing. If your business isn’t one, it could be very soon.

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